Storey In Cahoots With Electric Company & MORE!

The Post has scooped another story on Storey! We got her financials and found out that she’s in league with the electric company. She also… [Read more]

City Hall »

Council Sit In Front Of Old People. Merry Christmas!

Another exclusive scoop from the POST! The senior citizen ladies who had front row seats for the Christmas tree lighting in town got the boot! … [Read more]

K – 12 »

RPHS Tells Lazy Fat Bus Kids To Lose Weight!

RPHS is trying to save money and kids’ health but some namely pamby smothering daddies & mommies won’t have it. They’re crying the blues about… [Read more]

Street Beat »

Westboro Baptist Church Decided Not To Protest Tree

The Westboro Baptist Church was planning to boycott RP’s X-mas tree lighting  earlier this month. They wanted to be part of the circus and had … [Read more]