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Andy Kaufman Alive! He’s Rush Limbaugh!

April 16, 2014


Rush Kaufman Clifton

Popular radio talk show host shocked the world when he revealed that he’s reportedly dead comedian Andy Kaufman and has been pulling off the longest running prank in comedy history.

Staying in character, the comedian brought up the matter on the Rush Limbaugh Show by saying he was clearing up a controversy that, until he mentioned it, was never even discussed or reported by any news organization.

“My friends, there’s been this … nonsense I call it,  about my program being nothing more than a prank by dead UNFUNNY comedian, if you can call him that, Andy Kaufman. These important issues on the liberalising and socializing of America are no joke. Liberal beliefs are, though. So what if you mix up my full name and come up with ‘Sir Dumb Laughs’. That’s just a coincidence,” the radio host mentioned before remaining silent with dead air for the next 60 seconds. He then said, “We’ll be right back after this commercial break.”

True to form, Rush Clifton Kaufman returned to the prank and continued with his parody of extremist TEA Party right-wing commentaries. Ratings doubled by the end of the show with liberals listening in and laughing along, finally getting the joke, while extremist conservatives took the ‘explanation’ at face value and continued listening, feeling relieved that their beliefs haven’t been ridiculed all these years.


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