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Alex Balaban & Cat Crimes: Purr-fect Together Until The Board Of Ed Elections Are Over

December 27, 2013

cats doing homework

The cat’s out of the bag fellow Roselle Parkers! We’ve done it again & broke an exclusive!

The newest oldest BOE member-elect Alex Balaban, has been purr-suing what he’s called a “monster” that is “killing cats”. Well, he was pursuing them until the election for the Board Of Education was over on November 5th and then, mysteriously, after winning a seat that he left in 2011 , it looks like the cat got his tongue.

All public comments Mr. Balaban made regarding the progress (or lack thereof) of finding the cat killer which included a $3,000 bounty and grew in frequency and intensity before the election went hush-hush after he thanked residents for voting him back into a position he resigned from just two years ago.

Did Alex Balaban play with residents’ sympathies in order to gain votes? Was his concern for the death of felines in the borough a cat-culating move to win an election? Could it have been just a dog-and-pony show or was he playing a cat-and mouse game to get back on the BOE?

It don’t matter now Parkers since Alex looks like the cat that swallowed a canary and is back sitting in the catbird seat!

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