Roselle Park Post

BOE ‘Concentration Camp’ A Failure

September 1, 2012

The BOE has had to re-evaluate its latest summer program amid a slew of protests and criticism for what they called “Roselle Park’s Summer Concentration Camp”.

“I don’t know what the big deal is, “said a former BOE member, “We want to help these kids learn how to concentrate and study better.”

The lowering of certain test scores throughout the district were attributed, in part, to the large population of Hispanic students who are having a hard time reading English, which impacts study in other subjects like Science and Math. The program was designed for the summer to help them catch up for the coming year.

The problem started when the director of the program spoke during a BOE meeting and outlined the program which included giving children five-pointed stars to the students who excelled in the program. She finished her presentation by saying, “We’re here to get A’s, not C’s.”

This last part was heard as Nazis. Although not intentional and a simple misunderstanding, things got worse when a former BOE member came to speak to defend the statement by claiming, “All this political correctness is too much. We’re just trying to do the Christian thing and help others who are less fortunate.”

When asked about the history of the Holocaust and its concentration camp and how such wording, although well-meaning, could be construed as racist, he responded, “Hey, I’m not racist. My co-worker’s Jewish.”

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