Roselle Park Post

BOE Looking To Cut Students Next Year To Lower Taxes!

April 1, 2011

RP’s BOE is in talks with the Roselle Park Students’ Union (RPSU) to find ways to lower taxes. Next year’s student population may get cut to lower taxes for residents.

“We’re trying everything not to let that happen but something’s gotta give,” stated a Board member who spoke anonymously.

A student union rep shot back, “The BOE’s trying to scare the town into giving them want by claiming it’ll lower taxes but residents know that it’s about the children!”

“We’re not asking for much, just what’s fair!” the RPSU shop steward stated, “We just want students to get an average 4% automatic increase in grades for the next 3 years.”

“In these economic and educational times, students can’t just get something automatically for doing nothing other than showing up!” a long-time critic of the school system was quoted as saying, “Did you know that they want all 1st graders, regardless of performance, to end up getting the same grades when they reach high school?!?! That’s ridiculous!! Who does that?!?!”

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