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Westboro Baptist Church Decided Not To Protest Tree

The Westboro Baptist Church was planning to boycott RP’s X-mas tree lighting  earlier this month. They wanted to be part of the circus and had … [Read more]

The Gay Black Guy Is The Republican Candidate For 5th Ward

This year’s election for 5th ward has got it all! It’s got Dick Simpleton, a Republican who switched to a Democrat! Dick was picked by… [Read more]

WaWa Considers Setting Up In RP Again

It looks like it’s gonna be a race to the finish!

Word’s out that the AutoEroticZOne application’s being heard this month but at the last … [Read more]

AutoeroticZone, Sperm Bank Coming To Sullivan Property


A fight’s gearing up now that it’s been announced that an AutoeroticZone & Sperm Bank want to set up shop in the middle of … [Read more]

Dispensary Comin’ To RP! We’re In The Money Ya’ll!

First we got a smoke shop! What’s next? You guessed right! A pot dispensary! Waiting for the Garden State to become the Weed State and… [Read more]

Jack Black A No-Show For Boro Black History Month!

‘Too good for us’ Jack Black decided not to show up for RP’s Black History month celebration last month. Reps for the zany comedian said … [Read more]

Bam Bam @ Casano!

Confusion turned into horror as the Casano Senior Center, we mean the Casano Community Center, got a visit from Bam Bam. Folks were perplexed why … [Read more]

Hack & Shill

Hack & Shill went up to a shrill
to try to convince the voters
Hack wasn’t too bright
Shill had no mental mite
Both did … [Read more]

Council Let Out For The Summer & Displayed At Parade.

The mayor & council were let out in the public for the first time this year as a group to join the Memorial Day parade. … [Read more]

Resident Takes Down American Flag, You’ll Never Care Why!

A certain RP resident, a Godless apostate who’s been offending decent Christian’s and anyone who’s got God on their side, has finally crossed the line … [Read more]