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Welcome To The Jungle Gym!

Aging rock star has-been Axl Rose was sighted filming a new commercial for Pump It Up in RP. Axl lip-synced a reworking of his most

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RP DEMS: We Give Gifts To Politicians But Nothing Else

The spectacle that everyone thought was gone has reared its stupid, ugly head again when Dan Petrosky, Chairman of the Roselle Park Democratic Committee, went

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Ho! Ho! No! Local Man Arrested For Selling Cut Grant Ave Trees As Christmas Trees At Gazebo Park

A local man was arrested by RP PD when it was discovered he somehow got his hands on several trees that were cut down during

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Mothers File RP Class Action Suit For Chiropractor Bills

Mothers from throughout the state and even the nation have contacted attorney Saul Goodman to file a class action lawsuit against the Borough by mothers
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Space Tree Planted Then Marked For Removal!

A tree whose seedling was in space on a Space Shuttle mission was dedicated this month in front of the public library and shortly afterwards
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Townsfolk Protest Same Sex Massage Parlors


“It’s a long slippery slope,” said one protestor who was referring to a town ordinance that prohibits masseuses to be of the same sex

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Protestors To Protest Growing Number Of Protests In Town

The Anti-Protestors Roselle Park Chapter will be protesting the number of recent protests in town.

“Enough’s enough,” said one spokesperson who protested having their name

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SID The Groundhog Doesn’t See Shadow. We’re In Trouble.

Roselle Park’s own groundhog SID failed to see the shadow of its former self. Looks like Roselle Park’s business community’s gonna have a long cold

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Flash Mob Imitates “Occupy Wall Street”

The Roselle Park Performing Arts Group has combined two of 2011’s most fashionable trends – flash mobs & Occupy Wall Street – and pulled off

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Borough Wide Maze Open For Short While

An enterprising Roselle Park resident has taken advantage of various road closings in town to start his own borough wide maze.

“Who’s gonna do anything

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