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Council Sit In Front Of Old People. Merry Christmas!

Another exclusive scoop from the POST! The senior citizen ladies who had front row seats for the Christmas tree lighting in town got the boot!

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Rupen Shah Appointed To Casano Center! Time To Get Those Indian Votes For Dems!

Council went through the motions to appoint Rupen Shah to be in charge of the Casano Center last month after telling everybody he was only
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RP GOP Plan To Vote Out Danny P! DEMS Want Lame Duck Write-Ins!

The POST has discovered conspiracies galore! That’s right fellow Parkers!

First, in a case of turnabout is fair play, the rumor mill is spitting out

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Council To Start Using Olde English At Meetings

Municipal spokesperson Cajory Richeumo has announced that starting in July 2015, mayor & council will begin speaking in Olde English at their meetings. This coincides
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A Tale Of Two Mayors!

Parkers listen up! We’ve gone big time cuz now we got TWO mayors! Either that or we’re in BIG trouble cuz one mayor can’t handle
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Council Budgets For Lottery Tickets To Help With Budget

Mayor & council approved $100,000 in lottery tickets over the year in hopes that winning the Powerball will help reduce property taxes. Cuz not much
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Reval Nazis To Start Invading Houses!

Hide your kids! Hide your wife! The Nazi taxman’s a comin to see whatcha got. Tear up your house to make it look like shit

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DEMS IN CHARGE! It’s A House Of {Dis}Cards

Parkers  get ready, it’s a brand new season of House of Discards! This season Dems make a  New Years resolution to RP by spending tax

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The Truth Behind The Storey!

Folks, councilwoman extraordinaire Charlene Storey’s been on the forefront of issues and she’s not afraid to tell it like it is. Just this year she’s
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Mayor Joke Wants Cali To Pay For Fireworks!

Mayor Joke suggested at a budget meeting that ‘the person’ responsible for costing the borough money due to election problems should donate to pay for

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