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RP Dresses Up As X-Mas! Council Gets Pissed Off!!

Continuing the hardline tactics that have become all-too common with the current governing body, Emperor Joe II canceled Halloween and convened a special meeting with
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RP Joins Up With Kearny To Do Shared Services In Secret

In a stunning and shocking move under the radar, those sneaks on Roselle Park council have conspired with the town of Kearny to have political
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Obama Did It! Your Turn Jose!

Commander-in-Chief Barack Hussein Obama – psychopath, 44th President of the United States – has finally released his long-form birth certificate. While Roselle Park Post’s special

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1,2,3 Red Light! Hi Big Brother!

Those bureaucrats over at City Hall have really done it now! Maybe we should just change our name from Roselle Park to Proleselle Park after

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Mayor Joe I To Be New CFO

Former Mayor Joe DeIorio (aka Mayor Joe I or Joe the First) has been picked to be Roselle Park’s Chief Financial Officer.

“I’m baaack!” proclaimed

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