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RPHS Tells Lazy Fat Bus Kids To Lose Weight!

RPHS is trying to save money and kids’ health but some namely pamby smothering daddies & mommies won’t have it. They’re crying the blues about… [Read more]

Operation Graduation A Success! Too Bad None Of Them Live In The 5th Ward!

The last ditch effort by former mayor Joey Dogs & his husband Thos Shipley to save Project Graduation by morphing into Operation Graduation was a… [Read more]

Welcome Back Fodder! So Much Gossip, Girl!

Parents & teachers are setting a wonderful example for our youth in RP by spreading gossip like it was the answers to a PARCC test!… [Read more]

High Seniors To Nosy Adults “Grow Up!”

After being shit on for being the WORST class in RP, high school seniors have hit back to clean their reputation.

Being slammed for no … [Read more]

Folks Mistake ‘Once Upon A Mattress’ For ’50 Shades’ Musical.

RPHS Musical Once Upon A Mattress played to packed houses! Opening night had some uncomfortable moments when some audience members thought the 1960s musical was… [Read more]

Anti-PARCC Parents Upset They’re Called ‘Disruptive’ For Missing Work

Moms & pops in town got a big surprise when they took off from work and were called ‘disruptive’ just like their kids were for … [Read more]

Anti-PARCC Parents Realize College Degrees Are A Huge Waste

Shit’s hard! Unfair! Not my kid!

The chorus of parents wanting to opt their kids out of PARCC testing are in for a shock when … [Read more]

BOE Debate Night A Dud! Nobody Got Into A Fight!

These wusses at the BOE really need to get educated on what debate means in America! Hell, they didn’t even have the guts to call … [Read more]

Library To Take Over Full-Day Kindergarten

The public library almost made a sweet deal with the Board of Ed to take care of kids instead of having the schools close down … [Read more]

BOE OPRAs Library Cards To See If Parents Care About Libraries


After announcing the closing of school libraries in the 3 elementary schools in town to make way for full-day kindergarten, a crowd of opposers – … [Read more]