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Hello Kindergardian!

The Board of Education has voted to have Full Day Kindergarten (aka FDK) and will pay for it by cutting back libraries in schools! Not
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BOE To Set Snow Days According To Almanac

The BOE will begin scheduling snow days according to Poor Richard’s Almanac to better plan for when school will be closed. In order to make
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Alex Balaban & Cat Crimes: Purr-fect Together Until The Board Of Ed Elections Are Over

The cat’s out of the bag fellow Roselle Parkers! We’ve done it again & broke an exclusive!

The newest oldest BOE member-elect Alex Balaban, has

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Teachers Will Teach 4% More To Catch Up With Contract

To coincide with the retroactive 2% salary increase that was awarded when the BOE ratified the teachers contract last month, the RPEA announced that in

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Project Graduation May End Since Parents Need To Work

Project Graduation was nearly kaput this coming school year due to the BOE’s insensitivity to end school on a Wednesday! This new heartless BOE has

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BOE ‘Concentration Camp’ A Failure

The BOE has had to re-evaluate its latest summer program amid a slew of protests and criticism for what they called “Roselle Park’s Summer Concentration
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BOE Votes On Budgets For Next 30 Years To Save Time

In a stroke of brilliance, our esteemed Board of Ed has taken advantage of a change in state law that allows their budget to not

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BOE Celebrates African-American History Month In Unique Way

Our BOE has made an excellent attempt to become culturally diversified in the school district by going all out to showcase African-American History Month for

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BOE Kicks Out Illegals! Why Doesn’t Mayor & Council?

Keeping a running tally on their agenda sheets like a hit list, the BOE has shown the cojones that it takes to keep the best

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BOE Looking For A Few Not Quite Good Enough Men

Fresh off the resignation of Jason Tribiano and seeing as how there weren’t that many takers for the open seat, the BOE has come up
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