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Storey In Cahoots With Electric Company & MORE!

The Post has scooped another story on Storey! We got her financials and found out that she’s in league with the electric company. She also
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RosHELL Park! Mayor Hoke Refuses To Close Satanic Church!!!

THIS JUST IN! Mayor Hokey’s in line with the Devil! The latest proof is a letter sent in by a concerned citizens from this great

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Christie To Resign As Guv To Run For Prez!

Jersey Guv Christie is gonna break up with Jersey to try to chase America’s skirt!

Inside sources tell the Post that Christie is going to

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NO COMMENT Campaign Signs Starting To Sprout Up

The GOP from RP have pulled out all the stops to try to oust Simpleton from his council spot. Deemed a turncoat by the RP
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The Lost Simpleton Interview Found!

Richie Simpleton’s been in the hot seat for his NO COMMENT comment at a council meeting. This was after his flip flop to the Dems.

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Mayor Joke Reminisces

One & done ex-Mayor Joke quote inadvertantly about himself:

Nailed it!

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Councilman Simpleton Missing!!

Council man Rich Simpleton’s been missing from RP for almost a week now! He was last seen walking around as a Republican! Anyone with information

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Yakety Yak Thanks God He Left RP!


Former councilman/mayoral contender/Parker Mike Yakety-Yak Yakubov didn’t have a chance to give his farewell address March 5th due to snow. Based on what he

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DPW’s “50 Shades Of Graves” Starts Filming

Drama at DPW is about to be made into a movie on S&M or Service & Maintenance. Prepare to be offended when DPW Asst. Superintendent

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The OK vs. The SNIFF

The time is now to pick a side for Roselle Park! We can no longer wait because our future is doomed if we pick wrong!
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