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And Bringing Up The Rear? Joe!


Mayor Joke’s keeping up the great job he’s done for ole Roselle Park by shining the best examples of old-time politics! His latest’s a

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Mayor Joke Thanks All 2 People Who Asked Him To Run Again!

In prepping voters, or maybe just himself, Mayor Joke took to Facebook to thank the many people who asked him to run again for Mayor

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Hokey Steals Candy From Babies

Carl ‘Hokey’ Hokanson who wants to be RP’s head honcho has been caught with his hands in the cookie jar LITERALLY.

Photos nabbed by the

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No Love For Ward 2

RP’s 2nd ward’s been treated like a red-headed stepchild since 2010 when Mayor Joe II took office abandoning his constituents for bigger & better. There’ve
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It’s (Political) Party Time!

2014 looks to be a return to the heyday of Roselle Park politics my fellow Parkers. During the re-organization meeting, 2nd ward councilwoman Charlene Storey
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Mayor: I Feel Petty! So So Petty!

Mayor Joke, the titan of local television toted his trade and stock again talking about things that didn’t matter when he retorted a comment by

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RP Declares War On Cuba!

In a case of loose lips sinking ships, councilwoman Tanya “The Bull” Torres spilled the beans on Roselle Park’s plans to execute Cuban leader Fidel

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Washington & Lincoln Agree: Accardi Is Best RP Mayor Ever!

To celebrate Black History Month in Roselle Park, Joe Accardi took some time off from his busy part-time job as mayor to share some presidential

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Mayor Gives WARPED Info!!

RP’s governing body has tried to extend its influence over a non-caring population by getting together current and former members of council to create the

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Taxpayers Pay For Mayor Jaunt To DC

This is an exclusive you’ll read about in Roselle Park Post and nowhere else. Sources close to the mayor have told us that the mayor

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