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Dyslexic Atheists Fight To Keep Sam In Christmas

Backwards thinking heathens want to destroy the reason for the season! Across this great country of God-fearing people billboards have popped up trying to kill
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Crayola Unveils New Color: Spokane Black

Crayola crayon company has released its newest color for 2015. It’s ‘Spokane Black’.

The KKK may be changing their colors in protest. Here’s a sneak

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Black Man Says ‘Scissors’ While Being Pulled Over, Gets Shot!

What started out as a joke has ended in the shooting of another black motorist.

When James Smith was pulled over for driving 56 MPH

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Woman Copyrights The Word Copyright, Becomes Millionaire

A shrewd young entrepeneur has copyrighted the word copyright and is raking in the dough!

Charging one penny, Sue Vorenkamp has ingeniously used the copyright

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‘Right To Not Pay Taxes’ Movement Takes Off

‘Right-to-work’ laws that exempt workers from joining and paying into unions has lead to a brainstorm to make ‘right to not pay taxes’. SInce America

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Autopsy Reveals Leonard Nimoy Really A Vulcan

Coroners have revealed that Star Trek actor Leonard Nimoy was, in fact, a Vulcan. The government’s trying to cover up the findings but you read

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Gay Sex Marriage Safe In America! Gay Marriage Next!

Count your lucky stars you straight people! A wind was a-blowing that had politicians rallying to outright ban gay sex marriage. That meant trouble for

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Americans Wish Ebola Was As Cool As Zombie Plague

With the first cases of Ebola reaching the United States, Americans are catching up on the deadly disease that has killed close to 5,000 people
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Sterling Is Out! NBA Says Racism Is Gone From Basketball!

In a move applauded by the public but mostly by the white NBA team owners, David Sterling, who said dumb shit in private was kicked
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Andy Kaufman Alive! He’s Rush Limbaugh!


Popular radio talk show host shocked the world when he revealed that he’s reportedly dead comedian Andy Kaufman and has been pulling off the

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