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Congress OKs Ban On “Gimme Shelter” For Movie Trailers

“If I hear one more movie trailer with ‘Gimme Shelter’ in it I’m gonna rape, murder somebody,” said Illinois Congressman Chippy Chipperoo during the debate

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‘Wusband’ & ‘Mife’ To Become The Words Of 2014

The New Abridged National American Society has predicted that the words ‘Wusband’ and ‘Mife’ will be become the words of 2014. Amid the spotlight that
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Forget About Whether Or Not Santa’s Black Or White. Santa’s A Chick!

There have been some really ridiculous arguments about whether Santa Claus is white or black but everyone’s missing out on basic Spanish to realize that

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Michele Bachmann To Star In Biopic Of Herself

In order to pay for her mounting legal bills to fight probes into her campaign finances and to set the record straight, Michele Bachmann has

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Manti Te’o’s Girlfriend Named SI’s 2013 Swimsuit Issue Model

In a stunning upset, Lennay Kekua, the imaginary girlfriend of Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o was voted by SI’s editorial staff as the model to

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GOP Convention: The Good, The Bad, & Clint

NJ Governor Christie ignored the nay-sayers when they told him to “Go the hell back home, there’s a hurricane a-comin’!” when Isaac was headed up

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Romney Supporters Mistaken For Zombie Movie Extras. “Rombies” To Start Filming.

The lackluster enthusiasm from former Santorum & Gingrich supporters who now have no choice but to support GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney has sparked a

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Palin Went Rogue, Now She Goes Rage

Sarah Plain hits another one out of the park again by connecting with that ever important young vote by asking them to “Rage Against The

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Paul Loses Endorsement; McCain Backs Obama; Soprano Endorses Sanitorium

Ron Paul has lost the endorsement of Reading Is Fundamental (RIF), America’s largest children literacy non-profit group.

“We hold no political views and make no

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