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County Freeholders Rasie Taxes, Need Money For ‘Something’.

The county portion of property taxes went up throughout the 21 municipalities that make up Union County. When asked the reason for the increase, a

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Out Of Habit NJ Gov Calls Romney Stupid, Tells Ryan To Shut Up

NJ Gov Chris Christie has done it agian with telling it like it is. After his keynote speech where he waited 7 minutes to mention

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County To Combine S.L.A.P With MusicFest To Form SLAPFest

Due to fiscal constraints, the S.L.A.P. program which has convicted criminals clean up roadsides and parks throughout the county will be ending June 1st. Previously

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Gov Falls Asleep At Town Hall Meeting. Blames Police Escorts.

Reports have come in that Governor Christie fell asleep during numerous town hall style meetings he held around the state. At first, he denied the

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Gov To Have Voters Decide On Whether Left-Handed People Can Get Married

Governor Chris Christie stated he will veto any bill that comes before him allowing left-handed people to get married.

“I’ll leave it up to the

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County Freeholders Stop Fighting OPRA Lawsuits; Affecting Raises

The Union County Freeholders have decided to stop fighting lawsuits brought against them by UCWA founder Tina Renna.

“This is really costing us money now

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County Freeholders Fight To Trademark The Phrase ‘Union County Freeholders’

A race to the Trademark Office is being run by the Union County Freeholders and the Union County Watchdog Association to secure the trademark rights

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Governor Christie Proposes To Split Jersey Into 2 Separate States

In an attempt to help the state’s economy, Governor Chris Christie will propose that New Jersey split into 2 states with the Southern section keeping
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