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ISIS Praises Donny Trump’s Muslim Ban

ISIS got an early Xmas gift when a plan they had cooking got help from Donny Trump! ISIS or ISIL and Daesh or whateer the
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Greece Changes National Anthem To Grease’s “There Are Worse Things I Could Do”

There are worse things I could do than default on a loan or two
Even though Europe thinks I’m trashy and no good
I suppose

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US To FIFA: Go To Jail, Do Not Collect $200M, Do Not Pass GOL!!!

The richest sports association is for a sport that requires the least amount of money to play. Basically a ball and dirt.

And while the

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When You See This Guy Propose You Won’t Believe…


Earth Gets Shitty Reviews On Yelp! So Fuck You Universe!

Aliens who’ve visited Earth have come down hard on the planet on Yelp!

– No stars! In fact, I wish I could hurl them into

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Catholicism Adopts Violence Against Satire. So That Ends That Shit!

Tired of being ridiculed everywhere, a Catholic sect has announced that they will revert to Inquisition tactics to deal with what they call heretics. Copying

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Mugabe Falls For Kim! Kanye Blames Brian Williams!

Current Zimbabwean dictator all around bad guy Sir Robert Mugabe fell on his ass the other day. Mugabe became a bad guy when he stopped

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World Leaders React To Sign Gate!

The little town of Roselle Park got the world’s attention with the scandal of Sign Gate!

World leaders chimed in on the news that took

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TAG Heuer Feels Bad About Backhand Image. Condemns Backhanded Commentary.

TAG Heuer has condemned the use of their ads campaign with Indian movie star Shah Rukh Khan as a backhanded commentary on the lack of

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Pope Reveals He Was Slave Gladiator

Halfway through his Palm Sunday service in Vatican City, Pope Francis stopped addressing the crowd, threw down his palm gauntlet, and declared that he, in

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