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Bitcoin Is The Terminator

Forget the fairy tale about machines wanting emotions or getting emotions and taking over the world. Bitcoin will be how the machines take over because

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Fall Olympics To Start In 2015

In spite of the lack of interest in this year’s 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, added to being overshadowed by the FIFA World Cup in

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Companies Moving To North Pole For Cheapest Labor In The Entire Planet

Just when it was said that people in China and India didn’t believe in Santa Claus, well, now they’ve got a good reason to do
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N. Korean Pop Star “PSY”ko Releases Best Album Of All Time

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is also the nation’s biggest pop star under the name PSYko. Originally choosing the name Lil Kim, PSYko has
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Vatican Gives Manpower Highest Ratings For Temporary Pope

Taking his name from the patron saint of job seekers, the person known only as Pope Cajetan was let go by the Vatican after filling

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