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County Alters Name To “Civil Union” County To Endorse Gay Marriage

August 5, 2013


The Union County Freeloaders passed a resolution to change the name of the county in wake of the United States Supreme Court Decision striking down key provisions of the Defense Of Marriage Act.

The ‘Civil Union’ County move was immediately called on the carpet by the ever vigilant Union County Watchdog Association. Crusadist John Bury wrote on UCWA’s blog about the gay-forced agenda of the liberal county higher ups and nailed it – to the wall – hard. And it takes a strong man to admit that he pleads ignorance on the specifics of this issue but he came out – swinging  – pointing out that the freeloaders were focused on issues that they have absolutely no practical experience in. This, of course presumes that John Bury is neither gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender. The conservative gay community has labeld him as their “Queero”.

John Bury was 100% right when he asked how are politicians going to settle this issue when most of them are neither gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender themselves and has lead by example by refusing to talk about abortion, women’s rights, or the poor, since he no practical experience in any of them.

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