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Get Your Hall-(oween) Pass

April 1, 2011

Bender Avenue’s been a popular spot for Halloween but if last year is a sign of things to come, it might be less crowded and brought back to the way it used to be – for Roselle Parkers Only!

Homeowners tired of being forced to spend hundreds of dollars on candy and residents having to walk next to suspicious looking people got together and put a plan in place to keep out undesirables.

Homes had signs asking for people who came to the door to show ID to show they lived in Roselle Park and candy was only given to those who could show proof. Those found with false identification or who got out of hand were cuffed with tie-wraps and left on the border to Elizabeth.

“It was heart-breaking to watch some of these kids walk away in tears but it’s not my fault they live in places where they can’t go out safely to trick or treat,” one Bender Avenue homeowner said.

This year, to lessen the confrontation, the Bender Avenue homeowners are going to collect money to print out Halloween passes, called ‘Trickies’,  to give out to their friends and neighbors for authorized trick or treating.

“No tricky, no smarties,” one resident said joyfully.

“It’s an idea who’s time has come,” said another, “We don’t need those people coming here checking out our homes to see what they can steal. You know the kind of people I’m talking about. Let’s just call them ‘out-of-towners’.”

“We need to keep our Halloween for us. Besides, I don’t know how to say trick-or-treat in Spanish,” another chimed in.

One resident who’s dead set against the annual October holiday will be protesting again this year.

“It’s welfare, plain and simple. It’s teaching these kids to believe in welfare. I mean, kids just walk around asking for stuff they didn’t work for and threaten to get a treat or they’ll retaliate with a trick and they just expect to get it. It’s a sense of entitlement and I, for one, ain’t gonna put up with it! I’ll have a Tea Party instead.”

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