Roselle Park Post

Gov Falls Asleep At Town Hall Meeting. Blames Police Escorts.

May 1, 2012

Reports have come in that Governor Christie fell asleep during numerous town hall style meetings he held around the state. At first, he denied the claim, stating he was listening intently and was deep in thought while listening to the concerns of New Jerseyans.

“I was chanting a personal mantra which might be mistaken for a snore but I was paying attention,” the governor quipped, “It’s not like I was listening to Bruce Springsteen’s later work. That right there is a curse for insomnia.”

When pressed further the governor did admit he might have taken a quick 15-second power nap but claimed he’s heard it all before as far as what voters have to say. He added, “I try to take naps in the car but those police escorts always get us there so fast I have no time.”

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