Roselle Park Post

Hello Kindergardian!

April 1, 2014

The Board of Education has voted to have Full Day Kindergarten (aka FDK) and will pay for it by cutting back libraries in schools! Not to worry fellow Parkers cuz there’s a solution on the horizon.

Kids at the the elementary schools will be able to go to the Casano Center and take out a senior citizen like they used to take out books.

“It’s the best of both worlds. People say that kindergarten is nothing more than day care and we already have day care at the Casano Center so why don’t we combine both and have kids use the libraries in the schools for kindergarten and then have them go to the Casano Center and take out seniors and take them home.”

Everyone’s still working out late fees and new releases but it’ll be a boom for everyone involved. The word on the street is that they want to call it Kinderguardian since the seniors can act as babysitters and even nap with the little ones in the afternoon. Way to go everyone!


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