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Hokey Steals Candy From Babies

April 16, 2014

Carl Steals Candies From Babies
Carl ‘Hokey’ Hokanson who wants to be RP’s head honcho has been caught with his hands in the cookie jar LITERALLY.

Photos nabbed by the Post show Hokey stealing candy from boxes meant for kids at the Easter Hunt in town and having a good ole’ laugh about it!

This is the second slam from Hokanson who said he hated New York City when talking about how he loved this year’s high school musical “Little Shop of Horrors”. He said, “I hate New York.”

He was telling people that having seen the high quality of the musical was like seeing a Broadway-quality show and that saved him from going to NYC.

He later had to take it back when told that the train from Roselle Park’ll be going straight into New York Penn Station, something Carl said was gonna be a boom for the town. He then said, “I love New York.”

This flip flopping is just a taste of what’s in store for Roselle Park if Hokey’s in charge.

It’s rumored that Hokanson said as he grabbed the candy and stuffed ’em in his pockets, “Look! It’s all mine! What are they gonna do? Winning this election’s gonna be as easy as taking candy from a baby! See?!?”

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