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Jersey Lawmakers Fight Against Open Gov’t! Go Figure!

June 29, 2015


Those             in the New Jersey League of Municipalities want to make sure that the public’s access to their records don’t get easier. NJLM is the group that represents local governments in Jersey. Some laws meant to make it easier for the public to receive documents to find out where their taxpayer dollars are going to what the fuck their governemtns are doing is getting push back from NJLM. Why? Cuz it makes their jobs harder.

These             seem to forget that’s why they ran for office!

To make government MORE accountable!

Looks like that instead of making the Sunshine laws brighter those             want to keep things where the sun don’t shine!

ROSELLE PARK POST went ahead and OPRA’d some info to help with this sotry but got back a lot of redactions. Looks like 1 step forward, 2015 steps back!

I,            , do solemnly swear (or            ) that I will             the Constitution of the United States and the State of New Jersey; that I will             and             to the same and to the             and            , under the Authority of            ; and that I will             perform all the duties of the office of             according to the             of my ability, and that I will             use my office to grant preferential treatment,             to seek personal gain, favor, or advantage not available to the general public, (so help me,            *).


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