Roselle Park Post

Mayor & Council Too Lazy To Walk For Close Sessions

April 16, 2014

Like a bunch of children who think up a good idea but never actually act on it, mayor & council has yet again decided it’d just be too much work to follow through on its own policy. The new policy meant that mayor, councilmen, councilwoman, borough clerk and borough attorney had to make the laborious task of walking up the stairs to the conference room to keep their conversations private which are supposed to be private by law.

“You’d think they’d say to themselves, hey, when the doors are closed you can still hear people outside,” said one of the stragglers who hang around meetings ’cause they have nothing better to do, “Hmm, maybe the people outside can hear us when we’re inside.”

The main reason for the new policy was to not have the police be able to listen in on their private conversations in case there was police personnel or PBA negotiations that they had to talk about. The PD has council chambers mic’ed & on video 24/7 for security and safety reasons and, per mayor & council, can’t be shut off. The Post has found out mayor & council thought of a solution for that too.

Council rep Yakeel Cahost responded, “They’ll use the Cone of Silence [from ‘Get Smart’] or they’ll go into a football huddle to discuss those matters. That way residents’ll know the closed session’s over when we yell ‘Break!'”Cone Of Silence


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