Roselle Park Post

No Love For Ward 2

April 1, 2014

Ward 2RP’s 2nd ward’s been treated like a red-headed stepchild since 2010 when Mayor Joe II took office abandoning his constituents for bigger & better. There’ve been 4 councilpeeps in 4 years and on Mayor Joe II’s way out at year’s end his beloved ward’s in the cross hairs to be stepped over if their current councilwoman, Charlene Storey, wins to become council-at-large. She threw her name into the ring and if she gets council-at-large there’ll have been Accardi, Caswell, Nicol, Storey, and who ever gets appointed; that’s a total of 5 altogether.

A 2nd ward resident bemoaned, “What’s wrong with us that nobody wants to represent us? 1 guy becomes mayor, 1 guy doesn’t get revoted in, 1 wants to run for a bigger position and 1 even moved out of town.”

Out of 5 council peeps for ward 2, residents would only have voted for 2 of them.

“So much for voting to be represented,” said another resident.

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