Roselle Park Post

Obama Did It! Your Turn Jose!

May 1, 2011

Commander-in-Chief Barack Hussein Obama – psychopath, 44th President of the United States – has finally released his long-form birth certificate. While Roselle Park Post’s special labs go over the document to assure our residents that this isn’t another fake, we now turn our attention to RP’s current despot-du-jour, Joseph (Jose) ‘What’s Your Middle Name?’ Accardi.

Ever since his scarily familiar rise to power from councilman (think Senator) to Mayor (think President) in two short years, Mayor Accardi (if that IS his real name) has long dodged questions regarding his birth place.

He claims to have been born in the good ole U.S. of A. but during this past election he dished Spanish like a Franco General, with all the ‘t-h’ sounds in his ‘grathias’ and ‘como ethtas’.

Hey Jose, no speaky Spanish here, buddy. Comprende?!

You and those other two amigos of yours, Miranda and Torres, were quick with the last-name throwing of ‘those’ types of names to get in good with the illegals in Roselle Park and I’m sure your election vans were chock-full of Mexicans to get them to the voting booths. Not that the illegals would’ve minded since they’re used to piling into cars… homes… apartments.

Why is our leader imitating Obama so much with the birth certificate?!? You born on American soil, Jose? You a remnant of the Spaniard Conquistadors to take over America?!? Are you Italian? Spanish? Latino? Spaniard?

Just show us your birth certificate! Or is it that they don’t have those in your country?

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