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Out Of Habit NJ Gov Calls Romney Stupid, Tells Ryan To Shut Up

September 1, 2012

NJ Gov Chris Christie has done it agian with telling it like it is. After his keynote speech where he waited 7 minutes to mention Mitt Romney’s name and proceeded to mention himself 37 times, the Governor walked through the crowd and,, when Republican Presidential Candidate called out to congratulate him and asked how he felt, the Gov yelled out, “Are you stupid? I said no questions!”

When Vice-Presidential candidate Paul Ryan gave a perplexed look, Christie retorted with, “Shut up! You don’t know anything!”

As of this printing, no one knows if the matter was resolved since any reporter who tried to approach him was called stupid and told to shut up. Although the insult to Romney is inexcusable, to be fair, not many people at the convention knew what Paul Ryan looked like anyway.

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