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Palin Went Rogue, Now She Goes Rage

February 15, 2012

Sarah Plain hits another one out of the park again by connecting with that ever important young vote by asking them to “Rage Against The Machine” and vote for Newt Gingrich.

Mama Bear has a big 10-4 good buddy and in 2012 made reference to the subversive rock (if you can call it that) group “Rage Against The Machine” which disbanded over a decade ago but reunited in 2007.

Seeing the relevance of going old school, Palin sent out the coded message to all ears that it’s time to once again raise their five-sided fistagon to “shake up the establishment” and pull that lever for Newt on Election Day.

When reached for comment, smart-mouth RATM guitarist Tom Morello just smiled and was quoted as saying, “Well, we definitely know she’s got a pocketful of shells.”

This was in reference to lines in the chorus of one of the Communist group’s manifestos titled “Bulls On Parade”.

Lead screamer Zack de la Rocha said the band might return the favor and call their next piece of trash album Palin Comparison and added, “Maybe she could go up and help Newt start his lunar colony ’cause she’s already out there.”

Well, what would you expect from a band that had their entire song catalog banned from Clear Channel’s radio airplay? All we can say is Give it to ’em Sarah. Give it to ’em good!

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