Roselle Park Post

Resident Takes Down American Flag, You’ll Never Care Why!

April 16, 2014


A certain RP resident, a Godless apostate who’s been offending decent Christian’s and anyone who’s got God on their side, has finally crossed the line by not having Old Glory waving proudly from his front porch! Instead he goes around making anti-religion jokes, although the Jew & Muslim ones are funny, and rails against Burger King when they want to give veterans a discount!

He doesn’t even say God Bless You when people sneeze!

Maybe he should be made to pledge allegiance with his hand on his heart so he can know that America is God’s country! We bet this guy’s so anti-God he wants to rename us A(The)ist United States of America! or maybe just Hell! If you don’t believe in God, you clearly don’t believe in America!

The group Real Atheist Defenders (RAD) spokeswoman added to the non-controversy by saying, “I hope this jackass doesn’t believe in time or love ’cause none of those things exist either. We’re tired of these wannabees who claim to not believe in god – and be sure to quote me with the lower-case ‘g’ – but just like every other dope moves their clocks up or back an hour because of a group belief system. Talk about stupid beliefs! And don’t get me started on love! Really?!?! This invisible being named god doesn’t exist but there’s this invisible ‘thing’ that draws you to one person or your offspring and cannot be proven with nothing more than believing you ‘love’ them?!?! C’mon, no ‘real’ atheist falls for that nonsense!”

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