Roselle Park Post

Residents Claim Fallen Tree Stumps Increased Home Values

February 22, 2013


Roselle Park’s streets were being less and less tree-lined. Politicians cut them down without letting residents knowing. Then Sandy came. She tried to finish the job started by the arbor abhorers but some still held on, barely. Now the politicians want to strip our suburban streets into a Mad Max wasteland but residents are fighting back by fighting to keep the fallen trees on their properties.

Home sales have gone up on the streets where tree stumps remain and the word’s gotten out to the populace so now neighbors are asking to have those stumps stay.

“Well, at least there are some tree-lined streets in Roselle Park,” a potential buyer quipped, “I guess that’s what you get when you have no clear direction from on top on how to improve the town and simply react to crisis after crisis.”

Some neighbors have resorted to pretending to be tree removal companies and moving tree stumps from one block to their so they can sell their homes at a larger profit.

Mayor & Council will form a committee to review the decisions of the Tree Removal Committee after the Environmental Tree Committee plans tree replacement and forward those recommendations to a yet to be formed Tree Stump Committee.

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