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Romney Supporters Mistaken For Zombie Movie Extras. “Rombies” To Start Filming.

May 1, 2012

The lackluster enthusiasm from former Santorum & Gingrich supporters who now have no choice but to support GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney has sparked a filmmaker to take advantage of the left-with-no-choice-but-to support-this-guy mentality surrounding Republicans.

“This is a tailor made hit. I won’t have to spend on make-up or union fees,” exclaimed indie filmmaker Albert Andreas Armadillo (no relation to the Sasparillas), “Just panning through a Romney rally is horrifying. You can see the lack of life and spirit in the choice these guys are left with. It’s like Kerry in ’04.Everyone’s walking around shiftless and just going through the motions.”

Originally titled “Rom-Zombs” the movie will now be called “Rombies”. Its premise will consist of a rich couple who, after the Apocalypse, get lost in a town of middle-class zombies and try to make it home to their high-class zombie friends.

The film is due out in the fall right before the election.

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