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Roselle Park Changes Name To Rosa Park For One Month

February 15, 2012

In a move to bring tourism to our esteemed borough the governing body voted unanimously to change our town’s name for the month of February from ‘Roselle Park’ to ‘Rosa Park’ and have buses go around town to pick up passengers and driving them around town. Rosa Parks who’s noted as the mother of the civil rights movement was arrested in 1955 for refusing to sit in the back of a bus and move from a seat reserved for white passengers.

“It’s a win-win for the Borough because we’ll become a part of American history and it’s almost our name anyways,” said a governing body spokesperson. Details were few & far between when he was asked how the town would pay for the bus, the driver, and where exactly would the buses take people in a 1 square mile town.

“You have to say to yourself sometimes, yes it’s about saving taxpayers’ dollar but we also provide a service. Plus nobody’s looking at the big picture of how it can help the downtown,” the spokesperson was quoted as saying.

A spokesperson for the Rosa and Raymond Parks Institute declined to comment other than to state, “The Rosa & Raymond Parks Institute were not notified, nor approve, the use of Mrs. Parks’ name for the financial benefit of a town. Especially when that town has its own issues with people of color and different ethnicity.”

An anonymous source associated with Borough Hall fired back, “I don’t know what anybody’s talking about with this whole quote-unquote issues with Hispanics or Black people. We have a lot of Black people visit our town, especially on Thursdays.”

The source wouldn’t comment if they chose Thursdays because that’s the day that municipal court is in session and that’d be when a large percentage of African-Americans go before the court and hence visit the town.

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