Roselle Park Post

RP GOP Plan To Vote Out Danny P! DEMS Want Lame Duck Write-Ins!

June 1, 2015


The POST has discovered conspiracies galore! That’s right fellow Parkers!

First, in a case of turnabout is fair play, the rumor mill is spitting out that the GOP from RP are coordinating a coup by talking to DEMS who are sick & tired of the Mullet to vote in a new 2nd ward male for the RP Democratic Committee. They don’t only want him out of the chair, they want him out completely and a coordinated attack has been uncovered by the POST! With Danny Mullet gone, the GOP hoped it could strike a blow against the team that brought RP the Simpleton Pet scheme to have Dicky Simpleton switch parties without telling the GOP from RP! So much for their chicanery!

But that’s not all! The word on the street is that the DEMS are planning to write-in GOP lame ducks for 2nd + 5th wards to let Simpleton & RPDC Chair Danny P’s brother Joey get a free ride in November. If write-in votes are more than the votes for the current Republican stand ins, then they will be ‘on the ticket’ to run but they’ll just let the DEMS not run, but walk right into office.

The scam would be perfect if the bylaws for the GOP from RP allowed any candidate to be removed between the primary and general election!

A+ for originality! F for reading!

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