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Sterling Is Out! NBA Says Racism Is Gone From Basketball!

June 9, 2014

Streling BlackIn a move applauded by the public but mostly by the white NBA team owners, David Sterling, who said dumb shit in private was kicked out of the organization.

“Now that Mr. Sterling is no longer associated with the League, it looks like we’ve ended racism in Basketball! We’ve scored a 3-pointer!” said a member of the NBA board.

NBA team owners were afraid that the public would catch on that they use the acronym NBA to mean “No Blacks Allowed” as far as team ownership is concerned since the only black principal owner is former megastar Michael Jordan who owns the Bobcats. Black players account for 75% of all players.

Some white fans have also desperately tried to Costanza black fans they’ve probably sat next to for years without acknowledging them to bring them to games so they can show how racists they’re not by ‘bringing’ black people to a game with them like a trophy.

The NBA released a statement that read, in part, “We’ve asked all other NBA owners and none of them have stated they’ve ever made racist comments or have racist attitudes, so I think we’re good with getting rid of racism in the NBA.”


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