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TAG Heuer Feels Bad About Backhand Image. Condemns Backhanded Commentary.

June 9, 2014

TAG Heuer Shah Rukh Khan

TAG Heuer has condemned the use of their ads campaign with Indian movie star Shah Rukh Khan as a backhanded commentary on the lack of women’s rights in India. In what appears to be a Banksy-esque art display, someone plastered the offensive slogan over the prestigious ad. Even thought Mr. Khan is a humanitarian and champion of good causes, the Poetic Terrorism-style display brings attention to the systemic abuse of women in India from which have women fearing for their safety and lives even when relieving themselves.



Another poster was defaced with the line “TAG Heuer helps me tell my bitches what time it is, ‘It’s time to shut up!”

While TAG Heuer condemned the guerilla tactics and through a press release stated that it apologizes for the backhand fist image from a superstar in a country with horrible rights for all its citizens, there’s no word if the company will donate funds to help the plight of Women’s Rights in Bharat.

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