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Operation Graduation A Success! Too Bad None Of Them Live In The 5th Ward!

The last ditch effort by former mayor Joey Dogs & his husband Thos Shipley to save Project Graduation by morphing into Operation Graduation was a
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The Gay Black Guy Is The Republican Candidate For 5th Ward

This year’s election for 5th ward has got it all! It’s got Dick Simpleton, a Republican who switched to a Democrat! Dick was picked by
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Crayola Unveils New Color: Spokane Black

Crayola crayon company has released its newest color for 2015. It’s ‘Spokane Black’.

The KKK may be changing their colors in protest. Here’s a sneak

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NO COMMENT Campaign Signs Starting To Sprout Up

The GOP from RP have pulled out all the stops to try to oust Simpleton from his council spot. Deemed a turncoat by the RP
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RP GOP Plan To Vote Out Danny P! DEMS Want Lame Duck Write-Ins!

The POST has discovered conspiracies galore! That’s right fellow Parkers!

First, in a case of turnabout is fair play, the rumor mill is spitting out

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Welcome Back Fodder! So Much Gossip, Girl!

Parents & teachers are setting a wonderful example for our youth in RP by spreading gossip like it was the answers to a PARCC test!
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WaWa Considers Setting Up In RP Again

It looks like it’s gonna be a race to the finish!

Word’s out that the AutoEroticZOne application’s being heard this month but at the last

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Black Man Says ‘Scissors’ While Being Pulled Over, Gets Shot!

What started out as a joke has ended in the shooting of another black motorist.

When James Smith was pulled over for driving 56 MPH

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US To FIFA: Go To Jail, Do Not Collect $200M, Do Not Pass GOL!!!

The richest sports association is for a sport that requires the least amount of money to play. Basically a ball and dirt.

And while the

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The Lost Simpleton Interview Found!

Richie Simpleton’s been in the hot seat for his NO COMMENT comment at a council meeting. This was after his flip flop to the Dems.

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