Roselle Park Post

Taxpayers Pay For Mayor Jaunt To DC

May 1, 2012

This is an exclusive you’ll read about in Roselle Park Post and nowhere else. Sources close to the mayor have told us that the mayor and a group of select council went to Washington DC on the taxpayers’ dime to walk around and see the sights. This needs to be investigated by the prosecutor’s office for malfeasance. Throw the bums in jail!

UPDATE: We’ve been told that the mayor and his cronies were the taxpayers who paid for their own tickets & expenses for the DC trip. This doesn’t negate the fact that taxpayers, who ever they are, shouldn’t have to pay for mayor & council to take a trip to Washington! We’ll keep you posted on the unfolding story! We wouldn’t be surprises if pictures turned up of the mayor & council at a GSA party or in Colombia with the Secret Service!

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