Roselle Park Post


Too Bad. So Sad. Buh-Bye. Don’t Cry.

Here since the 2011, we’re RP’s newspaper that’s gonna tell it like it is. No fancy-shmansy namby-pamby news reporting here with fact checking. We’ll even take rumors ’cause even rumors are true. Our news may not be 100% on point but you get the point. We cover the news that nobody else’s got the balls to cover.

We’ve got a cracker-jack newsroom out there getting the scoops and listening to you – the residents. We don’t tailor our news to be objective. We’re not afraid to step on anyone’s toes or hurt anyone’s feelings. Our inspirations include Brendan Byrne, China Chow, Clifford Smith, Gil Scott-Heron, Jon Gosselin, Marvin Gaye, Randal Keith Orton and Sammy Alito. And finally, there’s me, W. J. Sidis, editor. We’re proud to be Roselle Parkers.