Roselle Park Post

The OK vs. The SNIFF

November 3, 2014

OK vs. SNIFFThe time is now to pick a side for Roselle Park! We can no longer wait because our future is doomed if we pick wrong! So in our highly scientific analysis of the issues we now present the matter to you, our loyal readers! During the debate the main issue was counting how many times Carl say “OK” versus the number of times Michael did a SNIFF.

Do we really want someone who is always asking for approval? Yes, OK we get it. Just do it.What’s he asking for?

And plus if a candidate cannot take care of his nose, how will he be able to take care of Roselle Park?

Decisions decisions.

Please please please readers, pick carefully and listen carefully to the debate to hear what is really important. Was it the OK or the SNIFF? Time to take a whiff and smell for the truth.

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