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The Truth Behind The Storey!

November 3, 2014

CharleneFolks, councilwoman extraordinaire Charlene Storey’s been on the forefront of issues and she’s not afraid to tell it like it is. Just this year she’s shown her progressive thinking with many examples. For instance, she didn’t want to listen to the bullshit from the BOE superintendent about combining libraries and media centers during a library meeting and left before he got done talking. She knows her time is too valuable to waste on listening to explanations.

Then came time to talk about how poor our school system is when she claimed in public that if she had kids, she’d rather home school them than send them to the horribel schools we have. People, she is not offending, she’s just telling it like it is.

Now some say she went too far at the debate when she wore campaign shirts and had her tete-a-tete with phantom councilman Ryan Kelly. Friends, Charlene didn’t go too far. In fact she didn’t go far enough. So what if Phantom Kelly was not part of the debate! So what if she may have raised her voice a bit and used what some pansies consider harsh language! The truth hurts!

So anyone wanting to hear it like it is should look to Charlene. She’s rogue and this town needs that! If she thinks phantom councilman is the laziest son of a bitch in Roselle Park then by God you will hear it.

As a tribute we offer this mix of her words when the debate got done. Showing she was ready to debate anyone at any time, she took it to Kelly, and he ran!

[wpaudio url=”http://www.roselleparkpost.net/mp3/laziest-son-of-a-bitch.mp3″ text=”CLICK HERE TO HEAR CHARLENE’S BRAVE SONG!” dl=”1″]

We wanted to share this on her official Facebook page but it’s gone for some reason.

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