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Washington & Lincoln Agree: Accardi Is Best RP Mayor Ever!

February 22, 2013


To celebrate Black History Month in Roselle Park, Joe Accardi took some time off from his busy part-time job as mayor to share some presidential quotes with residents on his Facebook page for Lincoln’s Birthday and President’s Day.

Going through a long list of available quotes, Mayor Accardi skipped over such useless quotes such as Lincoln’s “Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth.” or Washington’s “We should not look back unless it is to derive useful lessons from past errors, and for the purpose of profiting by dearly bought experience. ” to find just the right quotes that all Americans could relate to.

“If I were to try to read, much less answer, all the attacks made on me, this shop might as well be closed for any other business. I do the very best I know how – the very best I can; and I mean to keep doing so until the end. If the end brings me out all right, what’s said against me won’t amount to anything. If the end brings me out wrong, ten angels swearing I was right would make no difference.” – Abraham Lincoln

“In executing the duties of my present important station, I can promise nothing but purity of intentions, and, in carrying these into effect, fidelity and diligence.” – George Washington

Momica Chanta, spokesperson for the mayor stated, “Well, Mayor Joe feels that everyone can relate to talking about how hard it is to be mayor by using Presidential quotes because being Roselle Park’s head of borough is equivalent to being President. Some people might say he’s whining but it’s not about whining, it’s about winning.  Plus, the mayor plans to use the quotes as endorsements for his next election.”

“People are surprised he picked quotes about him? As far as Joe’s concerned, when isn’t it about him?”, an employee who spoke under anonymity chuckled, “This guy thinks saying is the same as doing. He likes Lincoln quotes? Here’s one for him – ‘Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.'”

When asked about upcoming holidays, Momica Chanta stated that the mayor will research the Bible to find the appropriate quotes during Easter but admits the mayor is having a hard time finding any strong-apostles, weak-savior quotes.

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