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What, Me Worry? No, We Worry!

February 15, 2012

Ex-mayor & current tax appealer Joey DeIorio has again followed the old rule of “Open Mouth. Stick Foot In!” so many times in ’12 that it’s like he’s been trying to once & for all put an end to his legacy!

Bad thing about that?  It’s gonna cost us!! You know… the rest of us who gotta pick up his tab when he got to pay less taxes than he used to.

Tax appealer Joe DeIorio first publicly whined that he feels that mayor & council should get a raise instead of keeping their pay cut they took last year! Makes you wonder if he know what the working man & woman go through to make a buck!

Then Joe shows off his accounting skills by getting rudimentary math wrong when he almost doubles the money available for the socialist bookstore (AKA library) to buy books last year. This happened at a budget meeting when he had to be corrected by our CFO that his math was wrong. And this Joe’s in charge of making sure they don’t mess up their books! Who’s checking the checker?!?!

Then was his coup de grace when he recently went up at a meeting and said he fully backs the municipal budget… sight unseen. You get this fellow Parkers?!?! He admitted he hasn’t even seen the budget and hasn’t caught most of the budget meetings to know how good it is but he still wants his tax appealing opinion put on the record as supporting it!

Of course he backs it … that way  he might use their oversight of putting in for a townwide re-evaluation for any future tax appeals!

When Joe talks, we pay! He just pays less!

Stop talking Joe! We can’t afford it!

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